How to Increase the Value of a Luxury Automobile

A luxury automobile is a serious status symbol. But like any other car, its value starts to depreciate as soon as you take it off the lot.

So how can you increase or maintain the value of your luxury car? Here are some simple suggestions that can help you.

1. Leather seats

Some of these suggestions require making informed decisions before the car returns from the dealership. One example is the leather seats. Leather seats, as long as they are well maintained, offer significant value.

Of course, foresight is your friend. It is easier to have leather seats installed at the factory than to have them added later. Don’t cover fabric seats with leather seat covers – it can actually hurt the value of your car.

2. Vinyl wraps

Vinyl wraps may have started as a way to turn cars and trucks into moving billboards, but strong wrap helps increase the value of your vehicle in a number of ways.

First, it improves the exterior appearance of the vehicle while being much more cost effective than a new paint job. It’s a quick and easy way to match the exterior to the interior if they don’t already complement each other.

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It also helps protect existing paint and clearcoat without damaging the surface. This means you don’t have to worry about chips or scratches reducing the value of your luxury vehicle. And when it comes time to sell it, you can leave the wrap or peel it off without damaging the paint to restore the car to its original color.

3. Lowered suspension

There’s nothing quite like the look of a road-hugging sports car as it roars down the freeway, ghosting just above the pavement. Lowering the suspension improves the look of your vehicle, in addition to often improving road feel and increasing handling.

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There are a few downsides, including speed bumps or towing issues, but as long as you drive carefully, none of these are a deal breaker for a lowered suspension.

4. Infotainment system

Most modern luxury cars come with high-end infotainment systems that cover everything from music apps and navigation to vehicle health monitoring.

But if your current vehicle doesn’t have an infotainment system or you’re stuck with the outdated system that comes with it, installing a new one or upgrading an existing unit can improve your vehicle’s value by luxury in addition to making your journey more enjoyable. .

While you’re at it, also consider upgrading the speakers to get the best possible sound from your new infotainment system. You can take a DIY approach if you want to do the job yourself – manuals are available.

5. Cold air intake

Adding a cold air intake is one of the most popular aftermarket modifications, regardless of vehicle cost. Not only is it a relatively inexpensive way to improve your car’s performance, but it can also help increase the value.

As the name suggests, these cold air intakes make it easier for your car to bring oxygen into the combustion chamber. More oxygen means cleaner combustion and more power. It won’t give you the same boost as installing a turbo or supercharger, but it doesn’t require a trip to the mechanic either.

6. New tires

Nothing drives away a potential buyer faster than seeing a luxury car with tires worn down to steel. Old and worn tires can also be dangerous, preventing you from gripping the asphalt and compromising traction on wet or icy roads.

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Whether you plan to sell now or not, be sure to install new tires regularly and monitor the tread so you know when to replace them.

7. Dual exhaust

A dual exhaust adds symmetry to the rear of your vehicle, improving the overall aesthetic. But it also has tangible benefits. Having the extra exhaust pipe helps reduce the back pressure in the exhaust system making it easier for your car to get rid of exhaust fumes. This increases engine performance and even improves gas mileage.

Installing an aftermarket dual exhaust system is possible, but it’s something you’ll want to have done professionally. If the measurements are slightly off, it will be painfully obvious.

8. Rims

If worn tires are the quickest way to drive away a potential buyer, poorly fitted or poorly maintained rims are a close second.

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Choose rims that complement your car’s aesthetic rather than something flashy or ostentatious like spinners. It’s a tricky balancing act, but if you choose the right rims, you can increase the value and limit the appeal of your vehicle.

9. Interior Lights

Interior lights, beyond the typical dome light, can be a useful tool in any car. The dome light does not reach every nook and cranny of the car interior. And if you drop something in the dark, finding it is often an exercise in futility.

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Adding interior lights also improves the overall look of your interior, especially if you choose a color that complements your upholstery.

10. Convenience Accessories

Convenience accessories help bridge the gap between what the car delivers and what you want it to do. A cup holder inverter, for example, can provide you with enough outlets to keep all of your devices charged. A travel fridge can keep your drinks and snacks cool on a long road trip.

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the accessories your choice will depend on how long you will be behind the wheel and what kind of experience you want to get from your vehicle.

Go forward

You don’t need to make massive changes to improve your car’s value or offset the depreciation that begins as soon as you take it off the lot. Start small and work your way up to the biggest changes to ensure you get the most out of your investment. After all, something as simple as vinyl wrap can help protect your paint and transform your car from something you own to something you love to drive.

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