Rolls-Royce limited edition Wraith gets starlight headliner

Rolls Royce has
announcement a bespoke new collection for its Wraith 2-door luxury coupe which is highlighted, quite literally, by a headliner full of twinkling shooting stars. It’s called the Wraith Luminary Collection and its production will be limited to only 55 copies.

The car is like its own planetarium on wheels, thanks to a star-studded headliner concocted by the folks at the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective in Goodwood, West Sussex. It’s a hand-woven configuration of 1,340 fiber optic lights mimicking the night sky – and even the occasional shooting star – and takes 20 hours to set up. Rolls-Royce says eight shooting stars shoot randomly, mostly above the front seats.

Open the suicide doors and you’ll see the celestial theme continue inside the cabin. The Tudor oak wood veneer, sourced from forests in the Czech Republic and chosen for its depth of color and grain structure, is backlit by 176 LED lights that penetrate through intricate perforations in the veneer that form another star light pattern at the touch of a button. “Linked to the starlight headliner controls, the cabin veneer surrounds Wraith occupants in an ambient glow of light,” explains the luxury brand.

On the outside, the Luminary Collection is painted in Sunburst Gray with rich hand-painted Saddlery Tan color lines along the hood and side body, a color scheme inspired by “the heady hue of the sun’s rays of the ‘golden hour’ and referring to the color scheme of the interior leather. It is also passed through the center of each wheel.

The cockpit seats are trimmed in the same tan leather, while the rear seats feature contrasting Charcoal leather or an available Seashell color for the leather, matched with a two-tone steering wheel. The seats feature contrast piping and stitching that tie the colors together. Also new is a hand-woven stainless steel fabric, a new technique for luxury goods borrowed from industrial uses, for the center console and door bags. Each windrow is made up of strands between 0.08 and 0.19 millimeters in diameter and takes three days to produce in a clean room environment. Finally, the collection includes stainless steel tread plates engraved with the words “Wraith Luminary Collection – One of Fifty-Five”.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, befitting the brand’s aura of exclusivity, but the Wraith starts at just $320,000.

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